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Are you interested in the Mary Kay Opportunity but would like more information? Watch the video below for great information about our amazing company! After watching the video contact your Independent Beauty Consultant and she can answer any additional questions that you have.

Earning Potential

With the Mary Kay Opportunity, you can design your own idea of success. You can sell products part time and earn extra money to supplement your income. Or you may increase your earning potential by sharing the opportunity and mentoring others. Learn more about the Mary Kay Career by viewing the career levels below.


Independent Beauty Consultant

A BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING. Learn the business from the ground up and enjoy meeting with customers and building relationships through selling products.

Own Your Own Business

Earn an income from the sale of our best-selling, cutting edge beauty and skin care products at facials, classes and from your website 24/7! Earn an additional income from your growing reorder business!

Bonuses and Commissions of 4-13% are available for Consultants who build a Team!

Increase your income by driving a Mary Kay Career Car or accepting cash compensation and remove your car payment from your budget!


Independent Sales Director

When you are ready, you may earn higher commissions and rewards by sharing the opportunity and mentoring others.

Promote Yourself & Increase Your Income

In addition to the earning potential of an Independent Beauty Consultant, Independent Sales Directors have additional avenues of income available to them.

Receive 9 or 23% monthly Unit Commissions plus the following bonuses:

  • Monthly Unit Development Bonus of $300 or $500
  • Quarterly Star Consultant Bonus of $300, $400 or $500

  • Annual Wellness Award Bonus of $750, $1,200 or $1,800


Independent National Sales Director

Once you have mastered your mentoring skills, you can earn the coveted position of Independent National Sales Director and earn even higher commissions and luxury rewards.

Unlimited Earning Potential
Independent National Sales Directors have the same Avenues of Income available to them as an Independent Beauty Consultants and those available to Independent Sales Directors. In addition, National Sales Directors earn the following:.

  • Additional monthly NSD commissions of 10% personal unit wholesale

  • Additional monthly commission on offspring Units

  • Bonuses, starting at $1,000 for developing new first-line Sales Directors

  • Earn $10,000 annual bonus for development of new NSD offspring

  • Receive a Pink Cadillac with a choice of options or select the Cash Compensation option

  • Enroll in the Family Security Program and Great Futures Program